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Best for A level Maths and Science For science it is a Periodic table and list of all the Physical constants. It sketches out he graphs for Maths but used in science too. There are many addons ( and games) available for the calculator. These calculator makes short work of the A level Maths and he...

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Using your phone effectively in science. It’s a camera, but better it’s a video camera, and slo-mo at that. Start recording your experiments. Use the phone to make video notes or get an app like Notetalker to record a lesson and all the slides. This makes revision a breeze.
So do you have to writ...

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I have a metal and wood rod. I wrap it with a piece of white paper and then put this into a burner. As I heat the rod one side becomes burnt but the other side ( the metal side) stays uncharred. Why is this?

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My fingerprint under the microscope. Just washed and dried my hands so still an amazing lots of things there. If after a good wash using soap these things are still left there then it gives an idea how much you need to wash your hands to remove viruses. Using a microscope attachment to my phone

The features on this make many of the problems much easier to solve.
For calculator papers this the polynomial solving feature alone ( quadratic formula) makes this calculator worth it, but also with the tables, the ratio solver and the simultaneous equation solver makes this calculator a must fo...

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A ball bearing being dropped and thrown. taken with a strobe flash. Although the ball bearing on the right is moving towards the right it is falling at the same rate as the ball that is dropped. It doesn't seem obvious but that's science.

Shining a light through two polarising lenses. The first cuts out all the light except in one plave. Rotating the other into a plane at 90 degrees, can wipe out the other. Try looking at a led TV screen (polarised light) with polarising lenses and see what happens as you rotate them.

The most useful item in a student's toolkit is the sharp pencil, long enough to hold and really sharp pencil or better still two. Used lots in Science and Maths too. For graph work a sharp pencil can get an extra mark for those points being accurate, and a sharp pencil improves the line. A goo...

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1:1 Private Tuition at GCSE and A Level

With over 35 years of teaching in schools, Colleges and Universities, Philip is a very experience qualified teacher. The 1:1 tuition helps the student gain confidence in their subject, learn practical skills by doing experiments and apply this knowledge into boosting their grades at examination time. 

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