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Solvation is one of those very hard topics to understand. We have been using the Snatoms to try and make solvation slightly easier to follow. We can see the idea behind size and how the different molecules can bind to one another. We can show how the shape of the molecules makes a difference. We ...

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At over 2m tall this tube filled with water can help work out the terminal velocity of an object as it sinks through water. Using a #PASCO rotary sensory, we dropped a brass weight ( 25g) attached to a piece of string. As the ball fall it turned the motion sensor which in turn recorded the distan...

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We can now offer a COVID-19 Secure classroom from private Tuition. It's like a normal classroom.
65 inch Interactive Smart Board
Large Desks, padded seats
Fully distanced.
Hand washing Station.
Access to the classroom is not through the house.
Distanced Next client waiting area.

Some of my equipment is very expensive and dedicated to only one job or experiment .Lego EV3 on the other hand can be used with some ingenuity to create many different types of equipment, to record all types of events. Here we are measuring Gravity by free fall and creating this out of Lego can a...

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A Level Maths Teaching. As well as covering the sciences, we also cover Maths at both GCSE and A Level. Many of our students struggle with some of the harder concepts such as Trig Equations and solving them. This weeks A level Maths lesson dealt with this problem showing approaches to solving the...

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In todays A level Biology Video we looked at Glycolysis, the Link reaction, The Krebs cycle and Oxidative Phosphorylation. The process of Glycolysis breaks down glucose into 2 3 carbon sugars only producing a small amount of energy. The link reaction does a little more, but the Krebs cycle makes ...

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Looking at how plants take up water is an essential experiment in Biology. A small piece of plant in this case some water cress is inserted into a tube at the top making a water tight seal. The potometer shown here allows an air bubble to be brought into the apparatus, using a syringe, so that th...

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Three allotropes of Carbon, Diamond, Graphite and Buckminster Fullerene are known. There is another, a one slice of graphite (graphene) that is rolled into a tube to make a carbon nanotube called a carbon fibre. This model was created by me since a manufactured model didn't exist. I made a sheet...

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1:1 Private Tuition at GCSE and A Level

With over 35 years of teaching in schools, Colleges and Universities, Philip is a very experience qualified teacher. The 1:1 tuition helps the student gain confidence in their subject, learn practical skills by doing experiments and apply this knowledge into boosting their grades at examination time. Full online teaching and many prerecorded lessons. 

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