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Shining a light through two polarising lenses. The first cuts out all the light except in one plave. Rotating the other into a plane at 90 degrees, can wipe out the other. Try looking at a led TV screen (polarised light) with polarising lenses and see what happens as you rotate them.

The most useful item in a student's toolkit is the sharp pencil, long enough to hold and really sharp pencil or better still two. Used lots in Science and Maths too. For graph work a sharp pencil can get an extra mark for those points being accurate, and a sharp pencil improves the line. A goo...

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A tall order "hiding a light under a bushel" and do a fun chemistry experiment about that. But we managed to put the fire under the bushel out with a homemade fire extinguisher

Butanoic Acid is made from heating butan-1-ol with Acidified Potassium dichromate and refluxing for 30 minutes of so. The potassium Dichromate changes from orange to green as it is reduced and the alcohol is oxidised. After the reaction is complete then the apparatus is changed and set up as in t...

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Using a Polymath Compass
Need a template and two sharp pencils
Select the distance needed. Put the two pencils in the required holes.
Use one to hold the template in place.
Draw around the other pencil describing an arc.
Swing around the other way.
Makes a very accurate circle.
I love it bought s...

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Went to Bett 2020 to look at new equipment. Liked this PASCO dynamics caart with a fan controlled by software feedback from the onboard sensors in the trolley. The software calculates the force to be given by the fan as the trolley loses momentum.

Whats needed
A good compass, with a built in pencil. It needs to be firm not loose.
360 degree protractor for doing bearings
A 30cm ruler with a slot in the middle for doing best fit lines
A bendy line for drawing curves
An irish compass very accurate for drawing circles with two pencils

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Teaching Maths. GCSE or A level, I have many students improving their Mathematics and maths skills with me. I have seen a boost in many of the marks up to the mocks. Now its down to getting rid of all the things that students can't do and turning them into things that they can, and then lots of e...

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At what angle will it slide down the slope? We raised a box with a rubberised bottom to 32 degrees before it slide down the ramp. We used a Jack to raise the ramp up 0.1 degree at a time.

1:1 Private Tuition at GCSE and A Level

With over 35 years of teaching in schools, Colleges and Universities, Philip is a very experience qualified teacher. The 1:1 tuition helps the student gain confidence in their subject, learn practical skills by doing experiments and apply this knowledge into boosting their grades at examination time. 

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